years old, full stack software developer, Senior Android Engineer @ Square

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My main specialty is mobile applications for Android in Kotlin.
I mainly use classic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript though I have an interest in React.
Node.js & Express, and recently Kotlin & Ktor.


My main focuses include mobile application development for the Android platform, along with frontend and backend web development. I have done iOS development and .NET development in the past but they are not my professional focus.

I currently work as a Senior Android Engineer at Square in San Francisco. We're known for more than just the card readers that connect to your phone, we also have custom in-house hardware such as Square Register and Square Terminal.

My non-professional interests include motorcycling & cars, snowboarding, and music & drums. I currently ride a 2020 Street Triple RS 765, and I drive 2021 Tesla Model 3 Performance. When it comes to music, I have a large range of genre preferences, from French electro-pop like The Sunday Sadness to post hardcore like Dance Gavin Dance, and many things in between.

My Apps

MNML MNML is a minimal, beautiful, and easy to use screen recorder. Check it out on Google Play and GitHub.
PhotoAffix PhotoAffix simplifies the process of stitching multiple images next to each other. Check it out on Google Play and GitHub.
Nock Nock
Nock Nock Nock Nock aids in monitoring websites on the go to make sure they are healthy. Check it out on Google Play and on GitHub.
Check out my other apps!

My Libraries

Material Dialogs
. Material Dialogs makes constructing and using Material Designed dialogs super elegant and fun.
. A Kotlin DSL API to make RecyclerViews easier to use and faster to setup.
. vvalidator is a view validator (form validation) library for Kotlin & Android.
Drag Select RV
. DragSelectRecyclerView brings Google Photos' drag-selection to the masses.
. Assent is designed to make Android runtime permissions very easy and compact to use.
. RxkPrefs wraps SharedPreferences with a Reactive interface, designed for Kotlin.
Material CAB
. Material CAB lets you create contextual action bars with flexible placement and configuration.
Date Picker
. Date Picker remakes Android's date picker widget with Kotlin and ConstraintLayout to make it more customizable, and responsive.
. An annotation-processor based dependency injection library for Kotlin/JVM with extensions for Android.
Check out my other libraries and tools!

Motorbikes & Cars

Street Triple 765 RS
Street Triple RS 765 My latest project is my 2020 Triumph Street Triple RS 765, which I've painted Avus Blau, and have done a headlight and clip-on conversion.
Thruxton R
Triumph Thruxton R My previous project was my 2018 Triumph Thruxton R, my father now owns it. Before that I had a Harley Davidson Sporter Forty-Eight, and before that a Honda Rebel.
Model 3
Model 3 Performance I drive a 2021 Tesla Model 3 Performance. I previously had 2020 Model 3 Long Range, Mk6 Volkswagen GTI, and Mk5 VW Jetta.